Lamara naturally engages audiences with her authentic and provocative delivery. With an expertisein embodied speaking, combined with boundless enthusiasm, she inspires audiences to confront the limits of cognitive intelligence and the value of cultivating healthy body intelligence. Lamara effortlessly weaves practical wisdom with boundary pushing invitations to move audiences to claim their bodies as a vital source of intelligence, power, and pleasure.

Group Facilitation

Lamara’s programs are experiential, interactive, and encourage out-of-the-box moving and thinking. Women learn to trust their bodies to lead the way throughout the day. She uses various movement modalities and exercises to support women in unwinding tension by cultivating body intelligence, opening them to greater pleasure and positive feelings.

Workshops with Lamara are not only life-changing, they are fun, playful and infused with joy. Women return to their daily lives with valuable tools to be more present in their bodies and less caught up in their heads.

When you work with Lamara, expect to:

  • Question ways of being in your body that leave you feeling drained, disconnected and dissatisfied.
  • Learn effective ways to cultivate body intelligence in your everyday life.
  • Release limiting patterns and experience an immediate boost in your health and vitality.
  • Embody the depth, vibrancy and power of who you truly are.
  • Expand your capacity for how much pleasure you experience in your body.


Lamara loves to dance! In motion she lets her mind go as she allows the voice of her body to speak. Her pieces are highly improvisational and loosely choreographed, which frees her body to be an instrument of the moment. Lamara’s playful, energetic and enrapturing style captures her overflowing love of all life. Her performance art blasts open the confines of social conditioning, inspiring audiences to unleash the fullness of their own expression.

Private Sessions

Lamara works with a limited number of one-on-one clients. Contact her office for more information.

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